7 Feb 2013

55th Grammy Awards: the performers

This year's Grammys ceremony is bringing lots of great artists to the stage, not only to receive awards but also to perform. And that's a big part of the show.

The Black Keys are nominated in five categories with El Camino. Before winning any of those prizes, they will be performing with Dr. John in a tribute to the late jazz icon Dave Brubeck.

In the list of the most nominated artists, Kelly Clarkson is also going to present something from the album Stronger live at the 55th Grammys. Fun and Mumford & Sons, both up for Best New Artist, are going to play something as well.

Ed Sheeran has received an invitation to return to the Grammy's stage after last year's performances and this time he's not alone. Sheeran will be singing a duet with Sir Elton John.

In what concerns stage collaborations, Bruno Mars will be joined by Sting and Rihanna (what?!), Maroon 5 are playing with Alicia Keys, and as a tribute to Levon Helm (The Band) Mumford & Sons will go on with Zack Brown, Elton John and T Bone Burnett.

Mumford & Sons, who are up for six awards, are also playing solo, just like Frank Ocean, Fun, The Lumineers and Jack White. Justin Timberlake is expected to bring his latest news.

A cerimónia dos Grammys deste ano traz actuações de qualidade de muitos artistas nomeados.

Os The Black Keys têm o nome em seis categorias principais. O dueto americano convida Dr. John para um tributo ao ícone do jazz, Dave Brubeck.

A Kelly Clarkson marca a presença feminina da noite. A cantora do American Idol recebeu várias nomeações, como também os Mumford & Sons e os Fun. Frank Ocean, The Lumineers e Jack White juntam-se à lista das actuações dos 55º Prémios Grammy. Justin Timberlake deverá levar o seu material novo de que anda meio mundo a falar. 

No campo das colaborações, há Ed Sheeran com Elton John, que se junta mais tarde aos Mumford &Sons, Zack Brown e T Bone Burnett para prestar homenagem a Levon Helm (The Band). Bruno Mars actuará com Rihanna e Sting, numa combinação algo estranha. Maroon 5 e Alicia Keys também se juntam para os Grammys.