1 Oct 2013

Happy World Music Day

On this World Music Day, I decided to share with you some of my special songs. The ones I always go back to. The ones I can sing along to every and each word. The songs that remind me of amazing moments, beautiful concerts and great people. Because that's what music is all about - memories.

'Vidas Ligadas' by Klepht
OK, this is a crappy, crappy video. But you have to watch it in order to love this song by the Portuguese band, Klepht. This is from a show the group played back in 2004. It would be just another performance of this beautifully written song if it wasn't for Pacman (the leader of one of my all-time favourite bands, Da Weasel) coming on stage at the very end to sing one of the most powerful verses I know: "Tens de aguentar sempre pancadas sem fugir/ Sexo, drogas, rock 'n roll, sempre a partir/ Esta mistura é mesmo um quadro mal pintado/ Se Deus existe, podes crer que fez o mundo ressacado".

'Skinny Love' by Bon Iver
I guess I don't have to explain this one since it's probably a favourite of many too. I'll just add how magic it was to listen to the first few chords of 'Skinny Love' on Justin Vernon's guitar, last year in Lisbon. The crowd went nuts and I have goosebumps and tears on my eyes by thinking about that moment right now.

'Dream a Little Dream' by Louis Armstrong
Search no more, this is the best version of 'Dream a Little Dream' you could ever find. Louis Armstrong had an amazing voice and a heartwarming look on his face. Isn't it marvellous how he always looked so happy and glad to be alive?

'Barbarella e Barba Rala' by Samuel Úria
If you're not sick of hearing me talking about Samuel Úria's immense talent, please take another listen to this song for it's one of the best Portuguese poems turned into music of the past years.

'Hurt' by Johnny Cash
This song is pure pain and raw emotions. Johnny Cash's voice already makes you get to the bottom of things, where it really "hurts", but these lyrics go beyond that...

'Kiss of Life' by Friendly Fires
Wrapping up in a much brighter tone, this list would not be complete without Friendly Fires. I dare you to stay still to 'Kiss of Life', it is physically impossible. That's what happened to me last year, at Super Bock Super Rock fest, in Meco, when the band came up on stage. Their music it's practically a shot of energy. I mention it here because the best songs aren't always the ones for the sad moments. A good tune makes you feel something. Even if it's a crazy urge to dance.


Para celebrar o Dia Mundial da Música, trago-vos algumas das minhas favoritas. São aquelas músicas a que regresso sempre e tantas vezes, pelas memórias que trazem consigo. Porque a música é isso mesmo - memórias.

'Vidas Ligadas' de Klepht 
'Skinny Love' de Bon Iver 
'Dream a Little Dream' de Louis Armstrong 
'Barbarella e Barba Rala' de Samuel Úria 
'Hurt' de Johnny Cash 
'Kiss of Life' de Friendly Fires