14 Mar 2012

Interview with Simple Plan: GY♥O kicks off in Lisbon

It took a while for Simple Plan to come to Portugal but it was worth waiting for. The fans were requesting the band's show for a long time now and the turn up was massive, even though the night of March 11th at the Lisbon Coliseum was not sold out.

Simple Plan were also looking forward to come to Portugal. At their first day in Lisbon, they visited the city's attractions, enjoyed the weather and tasted the famous pastéis de Belém.

Sébastien Lefebvre and Chuck Comeau tell the Urban Blues how much the fans have been asking for their presence through Facebook and Twitter; talk about their walks in Lisbon and how much they want to come back.

Conquering Europe
Get Your Heart On is the Canadian pop punk band's 4th album, who have toured Asia and Canada with their latest work. Simple Plan will be travelling all over Europe till May presenting the record that lends its name to the tour.

"We just came out of a big tour in Canada - and that one went amazing - so coming to Europe is going to be a little different. They're big shows but more like rock shows", says Chuck. The drummer explains that "people go crazy" in Europe and there's a great energy". 

The shows will have songs from every album. For Sébastien "it's fun because with 4 albums now we can pick the songs from all the albums and really turn the show into a greatest hits". "We probably gonna play your favorite songs, assures the guitar player pointing out that there are some surprises, that people "have to go to the shows to see".
We won't tell you what cover songs were played at the show in Portugal, so we don't spoil it. But we will say this: there are some party songs of the moment and some sexy moves.

A record that became a party
There are many guest artists in Get Your Heart On. Rivers Cuomo from Weezer helped in write ‘Can’t Keep My Hands Off You’. Alex Gaskarth, from the fellow pop punk band All Time Low, came in for ‘Freaking Me Out’. 'Jet Lag' is the most played single in radios till now and has the voice of Natasha Bedingfield - it actually reminds of some past hits of bands such as 'Addicted’ and ‘I’d Do Anything’.

A new version of ‘Summer Paradise’ has just been released. The song had already the participation of K’naan and now Simple added the Caribbean vibe of Sean Paul. It made sense to join the three SPs, say the boys. 

This album sort of became a party where we invited everyone and everyone came to sing", sums Sébastien.

Bringing in the fans
The fans had a special attention in Get Your Heart On. ‘This Song Saved My Life’ was written from the thoughts shared by the fans in the band's social media pages. When time came to go into studio, Simple Plan surprised some fans with a special invite that Chuck talks about here. 

Close to the followers
The band has a big online community and a legion of fans from all over the world that follow the guys' steps every day. Beyond the frequent tweets, the members of the band often publish pictures of the places they go to and videos regarding their work, like the ones explaining the meaning behind each track of the new album.

Simple Plan are vlogging champions and they accepted our invitation to make a video blog for the Urban Blues' readers.