28 Mar 2012

Spring brings new music

Things have been calm around here but luckily Spring has come and brought along a bunch of new music. Here are some of the novelties that have been or are going to be released in the next weeks.

Artist: Neon Trees
Album: Picture Show
To be released on: April 17th
First single: 'Everybody Talks'

Artist: Madonna
Album: MDNA
Released on: March 23rd
Second single: 'Girl Gone Wild'

Artist: Michael Kiwanuka
Album: Home Again
Released on: March 12th
First single: 'I'm Getting Ready'

Artist: The All-American Rejects
Album: Kids in the Street
Released on: March 26th
First single: 'Beekeeper's Daughter'

Artist: The Ting Tings
Album: Sounds From Nowheresville
Released on:  Frebruary 24th
First single: 'Hang It Up'

Artist: David Fonseca
Album: Seasons: Rising
Released on: March 21st
First single: 'What Life Is For'

A Primavera trouxe consigo muita música nova, e ainda bem, já fazia falta. Estes são alguns dos álbuns que saíram recentemente ou que vão ser lançados em breve. Há Neon Trees, David Fonseca, Madonna, The All-American Rejects, Michael Kiwanuka e The Ting Tings.